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Rapid impact compaction advantages - HENGDA RIC

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  • There are many construction projects for rapid impact compaction machine, among which HC84 rapid impact compaction machine participated in the construction of Hong Kong International Airport and Xiamen International Airport. HC150 participated in the construction of Jizan airport in Saudi Arabia and China Jinan Yaoqiang Airport and Dubai Airport, United Arab Emirates. HC36 and HC42 rapid impact compactors participated in the construction of major highways in China and Yangshan Port in Shanghai.

Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) offers an alternative to conventional dynamic compaction, or removal a...

Rapid impact compaction can be used to improve bearing capacity and reduce liquefaction potential of loose soils. The compaction sequence is designed to work from the outside in, so that compaction of the lower zone soils occurs first followed by compaction of the upper zone. Data monitoring during the compaction process and the online display in the operator's cab enables compaction control, an economic application of the compaction tool, and a work integrated quality control. The total impact depth of the impact foot, the number of blows, and the final settlement of the impact foot after a blow define the stopping criteria. 

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Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) offers an alternative to conventional dynamic compaction, or removal and replacement of material in poor ground conditions. Rapid Impact Compaction is a technique used to increase the bearing capacity of soils through controlled impact. Dependent on ground conditions, the surface compaction can typically penetrate to 6 metres in depth to potentially 10 metres in some situations.

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RIC is an acronym that stands for Rapid Impact Compaction. It involves a machine, an excavator, a 50 tonne excavator, that has a purpose-built attachment that undertakes what is called Rapid Impact Compaction. Its purpose is to, basically compact loose materials in the ground underneath where we are trying to build the road. 

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The rapid impact compactor as a means of quickly repairing damage runways. It works by imparting dynamic energy through a falling 'drop-weight, which is dropped from a controlled height onto a patented foot. 

With heights of 9 to 12 tones applied to the foot , the 'drop-weights' falls from relatively short height of only 1.2 meters at a rate of 40 to 60 times a minute. 

Effective compaction depths vary with the nature of hte soil compacted, but depth of up to 8m have been reached with a 9t rig.

This results in The Rapid Impact Compactor transferring energy to the ground in a significantly more effective manner as the 'foot' stays in contact with the surface, never actually leaving the ground. It is because of this impacting sequence that we can ensure that the transfer of energy into the ground is carried out in the most efficient way possible.

Rapid Impact Compaction

Rapid Impact Compaction with the Rapid Impact Compactor (RIC) is an innovative method in the field of near surface and deep compaction techniques. The RIC is a dynamic compaction device based on piling hammer technology. Dynamic energy is imparted by a falling weight dropping from a controlled height onto a patented foot. The foot of the device remains in contact with the ground; thus, the energy is transferred to the ground safely and efficiently.