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Hangshen 150KJ rapid impact compaction machine for reinforcement construction in Jinan, Shandong

update time:2022-09-13 14:12:39

  • There are many construction projects for rapid impact compaction machine, among which HC84 rapid impact compaction machine participated in the construction of Hong Kong International Airport and Xiamen International Airport. HC150 participated in the construction of Jizan airport in Saudi Arabia and China Jinan Yaoqiang Airport and Dubai Airport, United Arab Emirates. HC36 and HC42 rapid impact compactors participated in the construction of major highways in China and Yangshan Port in Shanghai.

The model of Hangshen 150KJ rapid impact compactor is HC150, which has recently been reinforced in J...

The model of Hangshen 150KJ rapid impact compactor is HC150, which has recently been reinforced in Jinan, Shandong. Rapid impact compactor is a compaction equipment driven by a hydraulic system, which needs to be loaded by an excavator or a loader, and is equipped with a remote monitoring system to effectively control the compaction intensity, compaction frequency, etc., hydraulic system and electronic control system. The rapid impact compactor has a relatively compact structure and is easy to transport, install and use. Under normal circumstances, after the purchase of the machine, after-sales personnel will be arranged to install and debug on site to ensure the normal and stable operation of the rapid impact compaction machine.

HC150 Rapid impact compaction foundation treatment

The application scope of rapid impact compactor is mainly highway subgrade, bridge and culvert platform back, high fill, chicken claw ditch, filling and excavation, etc., and the soil compaction effect is remarkable. The high stone fill reinforcement operation mode is mainly suitable for slopes and valleys with relatively prominent subgrade soil characteristics. If the ordinary subgrade filling form is adopted, the subgrade engineering will be difficult to realize. The subgrade in these terrains is mostly gravel with relatively large particle size. It is not easy to fill the gap at any point during the filling process. In terms of subgrade compaction, there are many ways to achieve a high density of subgrade soils. Based on this premise, it brings a lot of inconvenience to the subgrade construction. If the subgrade is not well filled and the loose soil under the gravel cannot be compacted, the subgrade will be unstable and there is a risk of collapse. In the case of insufficient rolling of stones, the difficulty of roadbed construction increases.

Rapid impact compaction is working on the foundation

On this basis, the use of rapid impact compactor to reinforce the high fill can achieve better construction results. Especially in narrow roads and areas with relatively small working area, large-grained gravels can be compacted by the action of rapid impact compaction, on the one hand, the soil is compacted; on the other hand, it can stabilize the roadbed. From the perspective of working environment, it is difficult for ordinary roadbed compactors to exert their advantages in such an environment, but rapid impact compaction machine are different and can be easily applied here. The gear selection of the hydraulic compactor is generally 9 hammers per gear, the edge spacing of each hammer should be 0.5m, and the thickness of the rock filling should be controlled within 0.6m. The specific compaction speed adjustment shall be determined according to the actual construction situation.

Construction effect display of rapid impact compactor

Rapid impact compactor are similar to power compactors. The rammer is raised to a certain height under the action of hydraulic pressure, and then under the action of gravity and hydraulic pressure, the rammer is forced to fall to tamp the foundation, which belongs to impact compaction machinery. The difference between the high-speed hydraulic compactor and the traditional power roller is: the traditional power roller uses lifting equipment (special power roller to lift or a crane equipped with a tripod, gantry, etc.) to repeatedly lift the 8-40t roller to a height of 8-25m, and then Use automatic decoupling to release the load or the hydraulic hammer to fall automatically, providing strong impact energy for the foundation; the rapid impact compactor uses hydraulic pressure to lift the tamping hammer to a height of 0.8-1.2m, and then falls and tamped under the dual action of hydraulic pressure and gravity The foundation, under the action of the hydraulic cylinder, realizes the rapid up and down reciprocating motion. Under the traction of the working device of the loader, it can flexibly compact different positions accurately, quickly and effectively to meet the requirements of single-point or continuous compaction in the compaction area.