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  • 2023-02-14
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Can you compact without a compactor? - HENGDA RIC

Use a steel handle tamper. If you're wondering if there's any simple way to compact pavers without a...

  • 2023-02-14
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How deep can compactor compact? - HENGDA RIC

A rule of thumb is that a compactor will compact 1 inch of material for every 1,000 pounds of compac...

  • 2023-02-14
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What are the deep compaction techniques? - HENGDA RIC

Deep compaction due to vibration may also be achieved penetrating a hollow steel tube into the soil,...

  • 2023-01-29
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Should I wet gravel before compacting? - HENGDA RIC

Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) is an innovative dynamic compaction device mainly used to compact sand...

Rapid Impact Compaction
  • 2022-09-13
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Application of Rapid Impact Compaction in Hong Kong Airport

Rapid impact compaction participated in the runway construction of Hong Kong Airport, using HC84 rap...

Rapid Impact Compaction Equipment
  • 2022-09-13
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150KJ Rapid Impact Compaction Equipment - China RIC

150KJ rapid impact compaction equipment, impact energy 150KJ, effective depth can reach 10 meters, w...

Rapid Impact Compactor
  • 2022-09-13
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HC150 Rapid Impact Compactor in Saudi Arabia

HC150 Rapid Impact Compactor Participates in the Construction of Jazan Airport in Saudi Arabia.

Rapid Impact Compaction
  • 2022-09-13
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Application of HC Rapid Impact Compaction in Xiamen Airport

HC84 rapid impact compaction is used for the construction of Xiamen Airport runway, the impact energ...

rapid impact compaction
  • 2022-09-13
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The application of rapid impact compaction in the construction of high-grade highways in China

Rapid impact compaction has been widely used in major high-grade highways in China.