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We are the birthplace of China's rapid impact compactor. Cao Bin, the inventor of China's hydraulic compactor, is the chief designer of our company. Since its establishment 20 years ago, Taian Hengda Machinery Co., Ltd. has adhered to the spirit of craftsmanship and focused on breaking through the construction difficulties of geotechnical engineering, which has significantly improved China's road traffic, bridge and tunnel engineering, mining and real estate construction. At present, Evergrande products are not only widely used in China, but also serve Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and regions. In the future, Evergrande products will continue to innovate and provide customers with high-quality products in the fields of compaction and crushing, mining, and pile work

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plate compactor attachment for excavator - vibratory plate compactor for excavator - plate compactor for excavator for sale

The vibratory plate compactor is hydraulic-engines that imparts powerful vibratory compaction effort to loose materials, by transmitting vibration through the vibrating plate which generates power from the single rotor in vibration case .plate compactor attachment for excavator - vibratory plate compactor for excavator - plate compactor for excavator for sale

Hangshen mainly produces a variety of compaction equipment such as hydraulic vibration compactor, excavator hydraulic vibration plate compactor, and multi-functional hydraulic vibration compactor. Hydraulic vibratory rammers can be used with excavators, and the appropriate one should be selected when purchasing, which can not only meet the construction requirements, but also improve construction efficiency and reduce construction costs.


1. Characteristics of hydraulic vibratory rammer

The vibration removal force of the translational hydraulic vibratory compactor is obviously larger than that of the plate compactor. Fill thickness and compaction requirements for graded foundations. Machining edges, bridge decks, etc. It can adapt to various terrains and various working methods. It can compact complex foundations such as plane compaction, oblique compaction, step compaction, and pit compaction.

2. Introduction of hydraulic vibratory plate compactor for excavators

Excavator hydraulic vibration plate compactor is a new type of high-strength vibration compaction machine. Vertical vibration compaction method Advanced compaction method can obtain the impact depth of 0.3~1m. Notable features are high strength, high efficiency, multi-purpose machine, adaptable to various terrains and various working methods. It is used for narrow belt compaction such as roadbed edge, bridge and culvert, pipeline, groove bottom, etc. The thickness and compaction of the backfill are comparable to those of the large-scale vibratory roller, and the sound depth is better than that of the heavy-duty roller. Hydraulic vibratory rammers can adapt to various terrains and various working methods. It can complete the treatment of complex foundations such as plane compaction, slope compaction, step compaction, groove and pit compaction, and underwater dock compaction. The installation of fixtures can be used to drive and pull out piles.


3. Maintenance and use of hydraulic vibratory rammers

1. When using, special supporting tools should be used, and it is forbidden to use unsupported products with flat ramming construction.

2. In order to improve the production efficiency of plate hydraulic vibratory rammers, special methods should be adopted. In order to fully and effectively use the plate hydraulic vibratory rammer, it should be properly adjusted and the pressure should be properly pressurized.

3. Avoid long-term uninterrupted work. After the work is over, it is forbidden to work continuously for more than 30 seconds on the same strike point.

4. In addition, pay attention to observe the surrounding construction environment, change the working method in time in case of bad weather, and do not enter the water if there is water on the road.

5. If the hydraulic vibratory rammer is inflexible, it should be checked in time to avoid violent violence. Do not use the vibration ramming method for construction.


Ramshen is a manufacturer of hydraulic vibratory rammers, hydraulic vibratory tampers and hydraulic plate rammers. The specifications and models are complete. The excitation force of hydraulic vibratory rammers ranges from 60 to 600KN. In addition to the compaction, there are also the requirements of large amplitude, high impact compaction efficiency, large filling thickness, and compaction degree that can meet the requirements of high-grade foundations such as highways. Large-scale hydraulic vibratory compactors can be used together with vibratory rollers to deal with rolling blind areas and weak rolling areas. Small hydraulic vibratory plate compactors are mainly used in municipal facilities and civil buildings. If you also need to consult or purchase hydraulic vibratory plate compactor.