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What are the models of rapid impact compactor? What are the application scope of HC rapid impact compaction?

update time:2022-09-13 14:33:25

  • There are many construction projects for rapid impact compaction machine, among which HC84 rapid impact compaction machine participated in the construction of Hong Kong International Airport and Xiamen International Airport. HC150 participated in the construction of Jizan airport in Saudi Arabia and China Jinan Yaoqiang Airport and Dubai Airport, United Arab Emirates. HC36 and HC42 rapid impact compactors participated in the construction of major highways in China and Yangshan Port in Shanghai.

Rapid impact compactor is a kind of pavement compaction equipment developed in recent years. It is s...

Rapid impact compactor is a kind of pavement compaction equipment developed in recent years. It is suitable for compaction operations on bridgeheads and narrow pavements. It has the advantages of high compaction energy, high efficiency and convenient transition. It effectively solves the problem of bridge The uneven settlement of the subgrade in the combination of the platform and the road surface leads to the phenomenon of "abutment jumping".

Rapid impact compaction machines can be divided into two types: single-acting and double-acting according to the way the tamper falls. The single-acting hydraulic tamper uses a hydraulic cylinder to lift the rammer to a certain height, and then the rammer falls in a free fall, converting the gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy. During the falling process of the double-acting hydraulic tamper, the rammer is subject to the combined action of gravity and hydraulic pressure, so the rammer falls at a speed greater than that of the free-fall body, so that the rammer obtains greater impact energy and improves the impact tamping effect.

As a working device, the rapid impact compactor is generally installed on a wheel loader or hydraulic excavator, and its hydraulic and electrical power sources come from its matching loader or excavator. It consists of a box, a rammer, a hydraulic system, and an electrical control system.